is essential for the best work results!


Our software products (in particular JRC 3D Reconstructor®) are nourished by the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra, and the University of Brescia. Currently, the development is carried out entirely by Gexcel, thanks to partnerships with research centers of international excellence.

Thanks to these collaborations and to its know-how, Gexcel is the official developer and provider of this software and satisfies multiple market needs,
becoming also partner of important laser scanner manufacturers.
Our software is appreciated by architects, engineers, surveyors, geologists, etc., delivering to all users innovative tools to get the best results with great ease of use.




Manage point clouds and images coming
from different lidar and
imaging platforms

The quickest way
to go from 2D images
to the 3D world!

Manage and browse in the large dataset
of 3D point clouds

Experience the power
of multiple software
into one package!

The industrial
measurement portal!

Work safely
in your Open Pit Mine!





What's new!

  • LineUp® Notes


    LineUp® Notes is the App to

    a) support laser scanning on the field surveys and

    b) drastically speed up the scans/point clouds alignment, registration and geo-referencing activities.

    Instead of moving on your site with old style block notes, paper, pens, printed projects. Import the plant view of your site in LineUp Notes and use your iPad to note the scanning positions and the target positions related to a plant view (both the fixed or approximate coordinates values)...

    Learn about LineUp tools


    Gexcel and ClearEdge3D today jointly announced a software marketing and sales partnership that will offer a complete automated registration and modeling solution for the BIM and industrial plant industries.

    The agreement combines Gexcel’s innovative, target-free scan registration software called LineUp® Pro with ClearEdge3D’s automated as-built modeling software EdgeWise™ 5.0 to offer the fastest field-to-finish workflow for capturing data without targets, accurately registering the point cloud and creating an intelligent model for export to CAD and BIM platforms...

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  • NEW Stand-Alone Apps for FARO


    These are basic programs which do not require SCENE to work. Gexcel has developed two tools Apps for the FARO user:
    AUTOMATIC REGISTRATION TOOLS Automatically register your .fls scans without using any target or sphere (only 30% of overlap between scans is required!).
    VOLUMES & ISOLINES TOOLS Easily create digital terrain models, extract isolines and sections (ready for CAD), and calculate volumes and cut&fills, starting from your registered .fls. Perfect for open pit mines, excavations, stock piles, caves but also for tanks volume evaluation.

    Learn about the Gexcel dedicated products for FARO
  • BIM 3D model import


    New advanced tool to compare a CAD master model and the as-built of an object.

    Import a 3D model, included the new format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and STL or easily create a 3D mesh models. Use the unique Inspection feature with the newest Color Mapping Tool to detect displacement and deformation.

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